What is it about?

Photo Expe offers you its services to accompany you and to immortalize in pictures your expeditions and activities in the mountains.

With an experience of high mountains and trekking, I offer my services in Chile, country of infinite summits and unforgettable adventures. Mobile, I can also follow you on other mountains, having already experienced countries like Nepal or Iceland.

My skills and knowledge of the mountain allow me to be transparent to your guide, being completely autonomous. So, you only have to concentrate on your ascents and treks, while letting me taking photographies of your exploits.


Introducing myself, Romain Mouton, in his thirties now, photographer and mountaineer at your service.

In the past, when I enjoyed life with a long-term contract and its paid holidays (eight weeks!), I took advantage of the free time for travelling in the mountains, first in France, then more and more abroad. I have always been fond of these alpine landscapes, these nights with very basic comfort, these badly cooked pasta, eaten with these breath-taking views in the early morning, enjoying during drinking this juice socks that people called coffee. Eight weeks per year were perfect to discover the world: Nepal, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Syria, Canada, Scotland, Argentina, Ethiopia and so on. But it is finally in Chile where we landed with wife to enjoy this nursery of grandiose landscapes.

Hiker, skier, runner, I practice all mountain sports, allowing me to eat chips with mayonnaise without having to worry about what the balance will say. With my fitness, I decided to build a curriculum to become a mountain guide in Chile, thus linking the summits and nights out. It was in this environment that I had my epiphany: I was going to become a mountain photographer, with the skills of a guide.

Inevitably, when travelling, we come quick to take pictures, and I have the misfortune to enjoy this leisure (unfortunately, especially for the material). For me the joys of the Nikon, Photoshop and other Lightroom to make me pretty wallpapers. And by starting to share my photos, the excellent feedback I’ve had has pushed me to invest more in this passion, so PASM, fstops and other layers are no longer Chinese for me.

The idea of Photo Expe came to me during a mountain course, where I had fun to get ahead of my group to take pictures, to photograph them at the base camp without their knowledge, and result was they liked it a lot. This is the genesis of this service. Use my photography skills and enjoy my fitness to capture the emotions of an expedition.

So, put your trust on me, and let me draw you the portrait while you are putting these fucking crampons with its straps always entangled.


With an experience of high mountain and trek, I offer my services first in Chile, country of infinite summits and unforgettable adventures. My skills and knowledge allow me to be transparent for your mountain guide, being as autonomous as possible. Associated with my passion for photography, your exploits are ready to be immortalized.

For individuals and professionals, my services are charged according to the number of people. Making sure everyone has memories requires more effort when the group is numerous. My rates begin at 75 USD per day for a group smaller than four people.

These rates are therefore to be divided by the number of people in the group. They include shooting, image processing and delivery in two weeks in JPEG format, in high resolutions, but also in resolutions facilitating sharing on major social networks.

Based in Santiago, I see myself obligated to charge my travel expenses if your expedition is over 100 kilometres from the capital. But do not worry, there is no question of overcharging yourself, these travel expenses are charged without taxes.

I can work all over Chile, but if you have a project in another country, do not hesitate to tell me about it, I will study your proposal with great care.



Do you want to work with me? Great! You just have to send me a message thanks to the form below. I will come back to you as soon as possible.